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Drink Chemical-Free Water

Drink Chemical-Free Water

If you are in need of a quality water filter system you should explore the benefits of ionized alkaline water. You are probably already aware of the dangerous chemicals that can be found in tap water.


City Of Fort Worth Demolished Wrong Home For A Second Time

CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

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FORT WORTH (CBS 11 NEWS) – Fort Worth officials say the city has ceased all demolition operations until it can figure out how two buildings that were not supposed to be demolished were torn down by a contractor despite city oversight.

“It was human error,” said Fort Worth spokesperson Bill Begley. “There were two different types of human error.”

The city says the first mistake happened on Lagonda Avenue in north Fort Worth.

A contractor was supposed to knock down a fire damaged building.  They tore it down, but they also knocked down a small living quarters behind the house.

“It was not supposed to be knocked down and it was not a part of demolition order,” Begley said.

The family who owns the property says the building was vacant but had clothes and family pictures stored in it.

The very next day July 12…

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Single Bat with MERS Virus Discovered Near Original Outbreak Site

Health & Family

It just takes one, and so far that’s what scientists investigating the Middle East respiratory syndrome outbreak have found — a bat infected with the identical virus that was isolated from human patients.

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Wide Range of Ionized Water Benefits

Wide Range of Ionized Water Benefits

You can derive a lot of health benefits from drinking water. Usually, a lot of focus is given on food in order to maintain good health. However, if you happen to drink pure water, you can play a vital role in staying healthy and fit.


Health Benefits of Alkaline Foods

Health Benefits of Alkaline Foods

More and more research is beginning to surface concerning the benefits of alkaline diets. Your body functions best at a balanced pH of 7.35-7.45 which is promoted by an alkaline diet. Alkaline Water is an important part of an alkaline diet in addition to eating nutrient rich foods.


How an acid free diet helps you to beat unhealthiness?

How an acid free diet helps you to beat unhealthiness?

If you have developed a lot of acidity in your body, then you need to remove excess of it from your system. How do you plan to do it? of course, you need to have a non-acidic diet and alkaline water enables you to beat the ailments of the body, be it heart or blood related illnesses. Such is the power of alkaline food in the body.


Water Ionizer Australia Helps To Avoid Dehydration

Internal energy of the body is used to perform daily activities. Activities like walking, running, cooking etc require energy. This energy is obtained from the food we eat and water we drink.