Tyent offer ionised drinking water filters, portable ionisers, alkaline diet in Australia (Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide.

Drink Pure and Fresh Water with portable water filters

As the name suggests, this type of water filter is quite light because it is meant to be carried around over long distances. They are obviously heavier than regular water bottles because they have an added mechanism in the form of ionizers to clean the water that you drink.


Melbourne Water Ionizer: Healthy Way of Drinking Alkaline Water!

If you decide to switch to drinking alkaline water you have to buy a water ionizer machine. Melbourne Water Ionizer is available at affordable prices. The machine is such that it can easily be place on your kitchen shelf. The stylish look of the machine can go with the interiors of your kitchen.







Installing an ionizer at home is not a difficult thing to do. You can do it yourself without taking the help of plumbers or professionals. It can be easily fitted to the tap in your house.

You need to simply attach the Australian water ionisers with the faucet, and adjust the pH value that you need for your drinking needs. Initially, such ionizer may seem a bit costly to you, but in the longer run, it will prove to be a much economical choice. Also, you will not need to buy bottles from the market for storing your drinking water.

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Water is the most imperative part of life on Earth. Life is unthinkable without water. This must clarify why something like 71% of our extraordinary planet is secured in water! At a singular level, something like 60% of a mature person human form comprises of water. As it were, we are alive today in view of water.

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Drink Pure water with Portable water filters in Sydney

A portable water filter in Sydney helps you to travel outside for long time, without worrying about a clean water source. With such a lightweight device, you can refill water from sources like lakes, fountains, and ponds, and still have very clean water that will do no harm to your health.

Ensure Perfect Health Water Ionization Systems In Melbourne

A water ionizer is the most effective filtration system. Not only does it prevent outside particles from entering into water, but it also removes contaminants at a molecular level through a process called ionization. Basically, it absorbs free radicals that are present in your water by electrolysis.

Ionizer Water Australia

Ionizer Water Australia removes all the acids in the water and makes the pH of the water basic. This Water is ionized and the water molecules are broken into ions and they travel far into the digestive system quenching thirst in a better manner.