Tyent offer ionised drinking water filters, portable ionisers, alkaline diet in Australia (Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide.

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Safe water and diet for healthy lifestyle

Safe water and diet for healthy lifestyle

One should always consume water and food that is healthy for the body. It would help the body to replenish nutrients and remove the toxins in the body leading to a healthy lifestyle. This will provide a healthy immunity against diseases of all kinds. Water makes up majority of the body, so it is all the more important.


Water Ionizer Australia Helps To Avoid Dehydration

Internal energy of the body is used to perform daily activities. Activities like walking, running, cooking etc require energy. This energy is obtained from the food we eat and water we drink.


Tyent Australasia

Tyent Australasia

Alkaline Ionizers Water Filters and Machines – Tyent offer quality ionised drinking water filters, portable ionizers, health machine, alkaline diet & ionisers in Australia wide.


Wonders of the Alkaline Water Machine

Wonders of the Alkaline Water Machine

Ionized water can be made only from an Alkaline Water Machine by attaching it to the tap for drinking water. What the machine essentially does is electrolysis i.e. it adds an electric charge to the minerals in the water, which at the end of the process produces alkaline water.